Achieving Pricing and Profitability Excellence in Retail

Instructors: Chris Goodin and Kim Frazier

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Welcome to Deloitte’s Retail Pricing Training Course. For some time, retailers have recognized that pricing is a powerful lever to drive profitable results and to improve competitive positioning. However, many retailers struggle to achieve the full value from pricing. Effective pricing requires an integrated and broad approach across several core competencies, including strategy, execution, and technology. This web-based course focuses on defining these core competencies in the retail environment, while also providing insight into leading practices and levers for improvement to meet the pricing challenges of today.

Pricers will learn:

  • The latest industry trends related to retail pricing, promotions, and markdowns
  • Roles and responsibilities of a typical retail pricing organization
  • Six core competencies that must be in place for an organization to achieve full benefits of improved pricing
  • Relevant effective practices across each core competency
  • Industry strategies and tools to overcome major pricing challenges
  • Next steps to continue pricing improvement

Duration: 84 minutes

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