Advanced Negotiations

Instructor: Christopher Provines

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Across industries, customers are becoming more sophisticated buyers and stronger negotiators. This is especially true for large key accounts. This course will prepare pricing, marketing and corporate account executives to better negotiate with customer executives and customer procurement teams. It covers more advanced topics beyond a traditional negotiations course and is intended for executives who have already had some negotiations training.

Pricers will learn:

  • The evolution of procurement organizations to a 21st century model and implications for suppliers
  • The buyers’ playbook and the implications for pricing, offering and negotiations strategy
  • How to assess the buying process and win at competitive bidding
  • How to assess and use your solution and company value in negotiations
  • How to identify and combat 16 common buyer games with smart pricing and sales strategies
  • 10 Proven influence strategies from the science of influence and persuasion to use during negotiation process
  • Mapping the negotiation strategy and preparing to engage

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