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Global Streaming Trends 2022: Subscription Fatigue on the Rise

In this article, the authors reveal and analyze the results of the SKP 2022 Streaming Study. Overall trends show that, even though most users are streaming more than pre-pandemic, subscription fatigue is starting to show. In fact, more than one-third of users are likely to cancel a subscription in the next year. Experts outline why streaming services need to rethink their monetization models. This article presents insights and strategies for all pricers utilizing subscription and/or usage-based pricing models.

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The Correlation Between Price and Consumer Preference

This case study outlines a pricing transformation project that provided $3 million in short-term pricing opportunities and $10 million in long-term margin improvement opportunities. The project realized these outcomes by harnessing consumer pricing research to determine if different customer segments shopped using specific retail channels, and if so, which products should be offered through each retail channel, and at what price.

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How to Navigate a Crisis and Keep Branding Intact with Pricing

How should businesses respond to a crisis, such as the current global COVID-19 situation? In times of crisis, we often see consumer backlash against companies perceived to be employing price gouging in order to capitalize on crisis supply and demand changes. But when are dynamic pricing techniques and price increase actually price gouging? In this article, we explore price gouging and dynamic pricing strategies and how they affect consumers' brand perception.

Sympathetic Pricing: Create Brand Supporters

In this article, the authors examine three types of sympathetic pricing - painkiller pricing, compassionate pricing and purposeful pricing – and demonstrate how companies have used these pricing tactics to increase both brand trust and brand loyalty. By applying sympathetic pricing, you can turn a negative experience for a customer into a positive one, thereby giving the customer a positive contact moment with your company, as the authors explain.

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It’s Time to Ban Hidden Fees

Bait-and-surcharge pricing, marketing an attractive price to gain consumer interest and adding mandatory fees at the time of purchase, is becoming the norm in many industries. In this article, the author explores this tactic and why it is unethical, but also why it is difficult for companies to abandon due to the effects it has on market competition and customer perception.

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