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Pricing in a Market with Disruption

Special pricing challenges emerge in markets marked by disruption for both incumbents and the new disruptive entrant. When faced with a disruptive threat, incumbents can perceive a no-win situation. For the disruptive new entrant, there are also critical problems to solve. The goal of this whitepaper is to help firms navigate the pricing challenges associated with both the incumbent and disruptor positions in markets undergoing disruptive innovation.

Inflation as a Catalyst for Change

Getting ahead of rising prices in an inflationary environment is one thing; staying ahead is another. Data, technology, and savvy management can turn cost pressures into pricing opportunities, as the authors explain. Although focused on private equity, this article provides insights that can be applied by pricers dealing with the challenges of widespread inflation.

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In Uncertain Times, Lean Into the Power of Pricing

Just as the pandemic is (HOPEFULLY) winding down, a new crop of business challenges has arrived. These challenges include the war in Ukraine, inflation, and the possibility of wider global conflict. Now is not the time to ignore your pricing. If anything, challenging business conditions are one of the most important times to review your pricing performance and pricing strategy, as the author explains.

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Why Pricers Should Act Carefully Today

While the current global crisis is making it necessary for companies to act quickly, careful consideration must be made regarding pricing decisions and strategies. Rash actions can have detrimental effects that can become long-term burdens, and poor decisions in a time of uncertainty can result in years of rebuilding in order to restore profitability. In this article, the authors present immediate actions that you can take to protect your company’s cash flow while also ensuring its long-term success.

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Managing Cost Plus Pricing in a Crisis

In a very chaotic world, such as the one in which we currently find ourselves, cost-plus pricing is straight forward. Costing, however, can be rather complex, which makes managing dynamic cost-plus pricing very tricky. If your main pricing orientation is cost-based or cost-plus, you should consider the points presented here in order to survive current challenges.

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Agile Pricing for COVID-19: 10 Smart B2B Pricing Measures for the Crisis

The coronavirus crisis is affecting companies and the economy with full force. The consequences are multifaceted, from the increasing vulnerability of supply chains and the rising number of infections on production lines to added stress on sales teams, which must react to rapidly changing market events. Adding agility to their pricing processes and price models can help companies reduce the impact of the crisis, as the authors explain.

Surviving the Resurgent COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis is likely to confront companies with several rounds of devastating economic impacts until a vaccine becomes widely available. What “vaccine” can a company take to steel itself against these impacts? Commercial agility – a rare combination of capabilities – is what will separate the winners from the rest as the pandemic persists, as the authors explain.

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