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Data Is Ubiquitous – But Are You Using It Right?

Even in today’s digital world in which data about customers, their purchasing behaviors, price sensitivities, and buying experiences is readily available and consistently updated, making important pricing decisions can still be difficult. If your data is inaccurate, dated, or incomplete, your tactics won’t be as effective and you might miss out on potential prospects, as the author explains.

Pricing is a People Game: Why data alone will not help us boost profits

As pricers, we are analytics people and get very excited about the data that we collect and analyze, only to be frustrated when the rest of our organization doesn’t understand our enthusiasm for our data analytics and resulting pricing strategies. How do we take our insights and convert them into initiatives that our whole organization will support?

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Utilizing Customer Loyalty Data to Enhance Value Pricing

Industry studies prove the correlation between higher customer loyalty, growth, and price. Customer loyalty data gives insights that go beyond product attributes and into the value of the customer experience, often uncovering more value than you realize you deliver. By harnessing this customer loyalty data, companies can improve and strengthen their value pricing strategies, as the author explains.

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