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7 Lessons on Dynamic Pricing (Courtesy of Bruce Springsteen)

Some fans were outraged when man-of-the-people Bruce Springsteen charged more than $5,000 per seat for his upcoming concert. The high prices were the result of a dynamic pricing system, in which prices are adjusted upward in response to strong demand. This controversy illustrates seven lessons that managers should keep in mind when adjusting prices, including the need for clear communications, longtime customers’ expectation that they deserve a discount, and the fact that high prices will raise expectations about quality and service.

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Introduction to B2B Dynamic Pricing

Machine Learning-based dynamic pricing allows B2B enterprises to better leverage opportunities and improve growth margins. However, certain factors must be taken into consideration for the model to work effectively. In this article, the author explores the growth potential, challenges, and pitfalls of B2B dynamic pricing, and outlines why, how, and when B2B dynamic pricing should be developed and employed for commercial excellence.

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How to Navigate a Crisis and Keep Branding Intact with Pricing

How should businesses respond to a crisis, such as the current global COVID-19 situation? In times of crisis, we often see consumer backlash against companies perceived to be employing price gouging in order to capitalize on crisis supply and demand changes. But when are dynamic pricing techniques and price increase actually price gouging? In this article, we explore price gouging and dynamic pricing strategies and how they affect consumers' brand perception.

Machine Learning for the Masses: Regression Analysis

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have become very popular topics in the pricing community. However, many perceive these tools as overly complex and not practical to implement quickly into their existing processes. In this article, the author presents a machine learning technique called regression analysis and demonstrates simple applications that can be readily employed by pricers in any industry.

The Next Lesson From Amazon: Push Your Customer’s Cart

In their recently announced move into retail grocery stores, an expansion of their existing online grocery purchase and delivery services, Amazon once again demonstrates how its primary focuses when expanding its business are unique positioning for each brand and unique value for each brand. Can you say this about your product lines and their positioning and value? Does your pricing reflect this? If not, it may be time to shift focus and resources towards addressing these areas, as the author explains.

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Your brand can learn a lot from how MLB changed how it sells tickets

Baseball’s innovations in pricing and selling tickets are pertinent to many industries because they take under-utilized or non-utilized assets based on the understanding of customers’ needs and willingness to pay, plus the contribution margin that comes along with value added services, which creates revenue and profit streams where none existed before, as the author explains.

6 eCommerce Pricing Experiments That You Can Run Today

Bryan Eisenberg recently published the book “Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It” (co-authored by Jeffrey Eisenberg and Roy H. Williams) outlining some of the eCommerce giant’s most successful strategies. In this article, the author explores some of Amazon’s pricing strategies outlined in the book, and provides tips for how eCommerce pricers can implement these strategies in their own pricing tests.

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