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Calling the peak of inflation: Rocketing up, parachuting down

Current macroeconomic conditions represent a once-in-a-decade opportunity to win market share and maintain healthy margins. Across industries, and especially from those players at the top of supply chains, companies are reporting supply chain and wholesale price drops. In stark contrast to the past three years, this represents an opportunity to capture volume while also maintaining strong margins. Companies need to capitalize with price leadership, as the authors explain.

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Protecting And Growing Profit Margins in 2023

Company profit margins are under attack. In a recent FD.NL (Het Financieele Dagblad) survey, it was found that 93% of C-Suite executives in the Netherlands expect a drop in profit margins of between 10-25%. That’s a scary number and requires businesses to take action to protect their profit margins. In this article, the authors explain how businesses can still protect and grow profit margins even amidst these challenging economic conditions. This example from consumer goods in the Netherlands has lessons that apply cross industries and geographies.

Who ate my cookies? The curious case of shrinkflation impact on brands

From vanishing snacks to your shrinking wallet, everyone is making tradeoffs currently due to shrinkflation. What is the impact of shrinkflation on the brand? And what role does pricing have to play in it? With increased awareness and proactive measures, we can reduce the impact of shrinkflation on our everyday lives and businesses, as the author explains.

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Pricing Through High Inflation

In an environment of entrenched inflation, those companies that can execute fast on price adjustments/increases will become the fittest to overcome the challenge. Reacting means already losing margins, and potentially even business and competitiveness. Managing in anticipation and swift execution are key to coping with an inflationary business environment. That said, price adjustments need to be fair, evidence-based, and transparent, and they need to be tuned to that level which allows for good competitiveness. This demands a high level of business agility, as the author explains.

Beating Inflation

Looking for a practical, concrete guide for agile actions relevant to your business? “Beating Inflation,” the new book by Hermann Simon and Adam Echter, gives you the best of both worlds: real-life experience from pricing professionals and state-of-the-art knowledge and research that successful companies are implementing today. In this article, author Adam Echter presents several of the key takeaways from the book that pricers can begin implementing to fight the current unprecedented levels of inflation.

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Five ways to ADAPT pricing to inflation

Price adjustments due to inflation call for nuanced approaches that, when done well, can strengthen customer relationships and overall margins. Simply raising prices amid inflation has the potential to hurt customer relationships. Opportunity exists to forge a new partnership with customers, helping address their pain points while preserving margins. There are five key ways for companies to ADAPT to sales-led pricing while maintaining long-term value, as the authors explain.

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Pricing in Times of Inflation and Rising Factor Costs

In several countries, you can observe inflation rates that are higher than the ones in the 1950s: an all-time high within the last 70 years! This requires quick adjustments to leadership and management practices and to the way pricing and revenue models are managed. the authors propose 6 core topics to shape your strategy to succeed in these turbulent times.

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