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2021: The Year Your Business Bounced Back – Unexpectedly

Many hope that 2021 will see an eventual return to normalcy (as much as possible), but it’s hard to know what 2021 has in store. Yet, despite the uncertainty, there are a couple of practical reflections that can help many businesses get ahead in 2021 in terms of revenue growth—whether that looks like recovering a damaged financial statement or accelerating an already revving profit engine.

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Preparing the Chemicals Sector for Post-COVID-19: 5 Key Recommendations

Three factors will ultimately determine how prepared the chemicals sector will be for the post-COVID-19 era: how well the companies understand the current effects of the COVID-19 crisis, how the companies cope with uncertainty in the meantime, and how well they seize five key opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.

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Wise Japanese Crisis Strategy Focuses on “Community” Over Profits

While COVID-19 has ravaged much of Europe and the Americas, the world can look to Japan for a formula for long-term survival in turbulent times. Harvard Professor Hirotaka Takeuchi, author of “The Wise Company: How Companies Create Continuous Innovation,” offers insight into the Japanese model. These tactics can be very useful to pricers in multiple industries looking for innovating ways to weather the economic storms caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Sales and Pricing Discipline in a Downturn: Winning Resourcefully

While measures to stabilize businesses are surely top-of-mind, now is also the time to think both strategically and tactically about sales and pricing capabilities. Successful companies understand what drives sales wins and focus resources accordingly. In this article, the authors focus on tactics to use right now to protect the existing business and improve win rates, despite the market environment.

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Pricing Through the Pandemic: Getting Ready for Recovery

Experience shows that some of the most thoughtful pricing leaders take advantage of slowdowns to invest in the future. Building new pricing discipline, flexibility, and capabilities now can create long-term competitive advantages. For pricing leaders, the three most important areas to focus on are: being creative in meeting customer needs while preserving value, driving strong pricing discipline, and investing boldly in capabilities for the future, as the authors explain.

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Why Pricers Should Act Carefully Today

While the current global crisis is making it necessary for companies to act quickly, careful consideration must be made regarding pricing decisions and strategies. Rash actions can have detrimental effects that can become long-term burdens, and poor decisions in a time of uncertainty can result in years of rebuilding in order to restore profitability. In this article, the authors present immediate actions that you can take to protect your company’s cash flow while also ensuring its long-term success.

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Agile Pricing for COVID-19: 10 Smart B2B Pricing Measures for the Crisis

The coronavirus crisis is affecting companies and the economy with full force. The consequences are multifaceted, from the increasing vulnerability of supply chains and the rising number of infections on production lines to added stress on sales teams, which must react to rapidly changing market events. Adding agility to their pricing processes and price models can help companies reduce the impact of the crisis, as the authors explain.

Pricing Strategy: Foresight is 20/20

Many companies are now revising pricing strategies to build resiliency for the aftermath of COVID-19. Companies that refine their pricing strategy with foresight in 2020 will set the stage for a stronger recovery and long- term growth as the crisis abates. In this article, the authors present a roadmap for redeveloping pricing strategy based on insights into three key areas.

Pricing New Digital Products Amidst Uncertainty

Pricing a new product is complex and pricing a new offer during the COVID-19 outbreak is even harder, especially as market research may not be accessible or reliable. In this article, the author outlines the possible challenges that may develop when conducting research for a new digital product during this time period, potential solutions to address and minimize these research challenges, and pertinent feedback from the front-line respondent recruiters and market research panel companies who are conducting research during the COVID-19 crisis.

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