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Adoption of AI-Based Pricing Lags Enthusiasm

In this article, the outcomes of a global AI-based pricing study are summarized: even though the majority of companies acknowledge the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI)-based pricing, actual adoption rates lag behind the enthusiasm. Numerous barriers impede its widespread application, yet for the companies that surmount these obstacles, the benefits are not just theoretical; they’re measurable and impactful. When properly implemented, AI-based pricing yields superior results.

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GenAI Needs Pricing Strategies to Match Its Potential

The models and applications for generative AI (GenAI) can unlock more of their transformative potential if their developers devise smarter pricing strategies instead of defaulting to familiar tech-industry options. The right pricing strategy depends on how a solution creates value for customers, how differentiated it is, and how its cost structure will evolve, as the authors explain.

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Generative AI, SaaS innovation, Value, and Pricing

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is attracting a lot of interest as an innovation platform. How will generative AI be used to create value? How will that value be priced? Artificial Intelligence (AI) will rewrite the software business as we know it, including how we understand value and use it to price. The model driven approach to pricing will accelerate rapidly, fed by AI generated models, as the author explains.

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