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What to Price? Products, Use Cases, Value Paths

Most SaaS companies price products. This seems like the obvious thing to do since they do, in fact, sell products. However, is this always the best approach? In this article, the author highlights the benefits of alternative pricing approaches, such as pricing “use cases” and “value paths,” basing pricing strategy more on what “leads a buyer to buy or a user to use.” Although this article focuses on SaaS companies, these considerations apply to pricers in multiple markets and organizational structures.

The Unified Theory of Pricing

In this article, the authors present a unified pricing theory, manifested in a tool called the Strategic Pricing Hexagon, that brings together all the disparate pricing ideas, and the drivers and forces behind them, into one master structure. This article shows how the Strategic Pricing Hexagon allows leaders to look beyond the numbers and develop a pricing strategy that can change the entire trajectory of their business and their market.

$4.99 Footlongs? Subway, You’re Doing it Wrong

Subway has long been known for its “five-dollar footlong” promotions, but are these promotions and the volume they provide actually profitable for the company and its network of franchises? In this article, the author examines how discounting and pricing promotions can have catastrophic effects when not well-planned or executed.

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Cash and the Consumer: Strange Bedfellows

In this article, the author examines the continued use of cash for payments, despite the global availability of electronic payments, and some of the psychological explanations explaining certain customers’ continued insistence on using cash is certain situations. The author also examines how the use of cash versus electronic payment affects consumers’ perceptions and behaviors in certain situations.

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Why Connected Technologies are Pushing Manufacturers to Value Based Pricing Strategies

Companies that are quick to adopt new pricing models, or innovate new pricing models themselves, often see rapid growth and development. Unfortunately for the manufacturing industry, pricing innovation has been largely absent in the recent past. In this article, the author explores some growing trends in technology that will help pricers in the manufacturing industry adopt new and competitive pricing tactics.

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