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Pricing Pains are Hiding in Your Dated ERP

Enjoy this throwback article from 2020, recently updated for current context, and one of the most popular Zilliant articles to date. It details how companies tend to shortchange their pricing capabilities by conforming to the limitations of their aging ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, and how a real-time pricing engine offers a way out.

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How to Avoid Common Pricing Software Pitfalls

Demand for pricing software has continued to grow as companies strive for a more data-driven pricing approach. As a result, the market has increased, multiple providers have emerged, and total purchasing and implementation costs for pricing software systems have rapidly increased. With such a high upfront investment, one would think the returns would justify the cost. Unfortunately, 92% of pricing software fail to meet targeted KPIs within three years. In this article, the author examines the reasons behind these failing trends.

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B2B Pricing and Sales Software: Knowing When It Is Time to Invest

In this article, the author shares the pros and cons behind the timing of pricing and sales software investment decisions. Should you invest before or after implementing other major systems such as ERP or CRM? And how do you determine if your datasets are clean and prepped enough to proceed? As the author explains, the best approach is to be informed, fully consider the options, and listen to your instincts.

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