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Managing Pricing Complexity can Become an Advantage

There is no denying that pricing is the most complex discipline in an organization. However, your customers do not care about your complexity. They do not want to be on the receiving end of it. They have options and will clearly move on to another vendor. So how do you manage the pricing complexity that is increasing daily in these changing market conditions?

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Net Revenue Retention Impacts the Value of Your Company

Earlier in November, TechCrunch published an article entitled: “What’s the right NDR target for SaaS startups? And why pricing could be key to moving the NDR needle.” In this paper, the author, who publishes frequently on the topic of Pricing and NDR (Net Dollar Retention or more generally NRR for Net Revenue Retention), explores some of the key points from the article and adds some further thoughts on how pricing and packaging strategy are central to growing NDR. Pricing and NDR is a critical theme for pricing professionals as we go into 2023, as the author explains.

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Economy Pricing Strategy: What Is It and When to Use It?

An economy pricing strategy sets prices at the bare minimum to make a small profit, but the idea is to make the bare minimum as many times possible by selling as much volume of your products as possible. In this article, the author explains economy pricing strategy, its benefits for companies seeking to keep overhead and operating costs low, and factors to determine whether it is a viable business strategy for your organization.

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How to Choose a Pricing Metric

Choosing a pricing metric is one of the most important choices in pricing model design, and the variety of pricing metrics is as vast as the different types of solutions available and how they create value. Before choosing a pricing metric, you should know the value metrics for your product or service. Approach this with an open mind, expect to find new insights, and give it the time it requires. This is not the place to rush a decision, as the author explains.

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Partner Pricing Strategies and the Semiconductor Power Struggle

Strategic partnerships go hand-in-hand with strategic pricing. As the explosion of electronic devices and demand for them continue, and as the shortage of semiconductors continues to exacerbate issues, it’s never been more apparent that all companies need to adapt by understanding their customer and building value beyond pricing. Although focused on the semiconductor industry, this article highlights post-COVID pricing challenges and potential solutions for many sectors.

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The Worst Pricing Decisions

People often ask us about the worst pricing decisions we have seen. There is a lot of bad pricing out there. But most of it is not so much the result of a bad decision as it is the result of ad-hoc pricing decisions, “me too” pricing or people inadvertently stumbling into a price war, as the author explains.

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Can You Protect Your Business and Clients from Cost Shocks?

There has recently been a global surge in the cost of raw materials like metal, granite, and even food. Pandemic-related disruptions, increase in demand, intense supply pressures, trade restrictions, tariffs, increasing labor costs, rising import/export costs, and more are wreaking havoc on pricing in the manufacturing sector. Are there options for pricing or contracting that can protect companies from these sorts of price shocks?

Excerpt from “Selecting a Strategy for Market Leadership”

On the most basic level, businesses need to meet their customers’ needs by delivering products and services that are considered worthy of the price paid. In each industry, there will be several competitors trying to compete for the customer dollar. The size of your business matters much less than having a sound strategy. This article is an excerpt from the author’s recent eBook “Selecting a Strategy for Market Leadership.”

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