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Pricing New Digital Products Amidst Uncertainty

Pricing a new product is complex and pricing a new offer during the COVID-19 outbreak is even harder, especially as market research may not be accessible or reliable. In this article, the author outlines the possible challenges that may develop when conducting research for a new digital product during this time period, potential solutions to address and minimize these research challenges, and pertinent feedback from the front-line respondent recruiters and market research panel companies who are conducting research during the COVID-19 crisis.

No Hype Here: 3 Strategies for a Bright Future in Electrical Distribution

As in many other industries, Amazon Business is dominating the electrical distribution trade. But, traditional distributors of electrical products can still thrive if they take advantage of new technologies and innovative pricing approaches. In this article, the author presents three strategies that leaders of electrical products distribution companies should consider implementing in 2020.

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What Percent of Value Should We Capture in Price?

The question of how value should be split arises repeatedly in customer-value-centric organizations. It should be addressed in a thoughtful and systematic way. When building a product development or launch plan, teams debate feasible pricing ranges based on capturing value. Product teams who incorporate value into their discussions indicate that it helps them understand their positioning better and that it makes their decision-making customer-centric. In this article, the author presents several approaches to framing the value-capture questions and developing effective value-pricing strategies.

How to Mitigate the Risk in Undervaluing Digital Innovation

As companies move closer and closer to commercializing their digital offer, they run the risk of undervaluing the technology. To mitigate this risk, it’s important to develop a value-based pricing strategy and to consider this strategy from the onset of the advanced solution, rather than as an afterthought. In this article, the author presents strategies to help your organization determine a fair economic value for your advanced solution.

Skimming or Penetration Pricing?

All new hit innovations need a winning price. But having never priced the product before, how do companies know what to put on the price tag? In this article, author Jan Haemer discusses conditions and success factors in deciding between two pricing strategies for new products: skimming and penetration pricing.

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Your brand can learn a lot from how MLB changed how it sells tickets

Baseball’s innovations in pricing and selling tickets are pertinent to many industries because they take under-utilized or non-utilized assets based on the understanding of customers’ needs and willingness to pay, plus the contribution margin that comes along with value added services, which creates revenue and profit streams where none existed before, as the author explains.

Brand Premium in the Light of Tenders

In a non-tendered market brand premium will protect prices and brand owners. However, tendering opens the market to all parties, including the competitors with a low-cost position and weak branding. The switching curve, as the author explains in this article, presents a method to assess the incumbents’ and the challenger’s position, quantify the impact of a challenge, and derive the appropriate pricing measure in response.

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