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The Future of Pricing: Insights on Leading Through Volatile Markets

This paper is based on in-depth interviews conducted by Holden Advisors of leaders of FORTUNE 100 to FORTUNE 500 companies in CEO, President, or SVP roles. All interviews were completed in 2022 with one intent: to understand the drivers of change in current markets, the impact on pricing, and what leaders must do to prepare for the future.

Pricing Missives

In the currently unpredictable, post-COVID, inflation-plagued economy, companies are being tested on their pricing strategies and their pricing decision-making “spine.” In this article, the author analyzes recent pricing decisions by six organizations in diverse industries and outlines the potential strengths and weaknesses of each pricing approach.

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Pricing with Confidence: Second Edition

This article on “the inflation imperative” is an excerpt from the second edition of Pricing with Confidence, due to be published in October 2022. Pricing with Confidence: Ten Rules for Increasing Profits and Staying Ahead of Inflation was written by Reed K. Holden and Jeet Mukherjee of Holden Advisors, with the intent to provide readers with the tools and resources required to build an organization that executes well in the face of volatility.

Brand Premium in the Light of Tenders

In a non-tendered market brand premium will protect prices and brand owners. However, tendering opens the market to all parties, including the competitors with a low-cost position and weak branding. The switching curve, as the author explains in this article, presents a method to assess the incumbents’ and the challenger’s position, quantify the impact of a challenge, and derive the appropriate pricing measure in response.

Commercial Efficiency and Pricing

In this article, the author explores the relationship between strategic pricing and commercial efficiency goals. Commercial efficiency depends on simultaneous activities supported mainly by a team prepared to apply a strategic price management aiming to generate credibility and confidence in the market. Without it, in an increasingly dynamic and crowded market, a company will hardly be able to survive for long, as this article explains.

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Taking a Value-Based Approach and Avoiding Common Missteps

In this two-part article, the author discusses value-based pricing from both an organization-wide view and more specifically from the view of the product manager. He begins by reviewing what a value-based product strategy is, how it helps make better decisions, and helps differentiate your products from the competition. In the second part of the article, he explores the six common missteps product managers make about value and provides best practices for how to avoid these errors

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