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Streaming slowdown making players rethink offerings to prevent subscription churn

Simon-Kucher’s latest Global Streaming Study reveals that people are not increasing their streaming hours any more. And consumers are not only stepping back from streaming ‘more’ but also battling subscription fatigue and increasing price sensitivity. Can streaming service providers prevent subscription churn and still gain customers in this market?

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Consumer Brands: Pricing Power Moves for Higher Profits

For many brands, important cost components will continue to erode the bottom line in 2023. With most brands taking some price increases in 2021-2022, signs of softening demand may be a looming reality for a variety of industries, brands, and sections of any given brand’s markets. What should companies do to combat these economic factors? In this article, the author looks in some detail at three pricing power moves that illustrate that consumer brands always have additional pricing power to find, nurture, and harvest.

Global Streaming Trends 2022: Subscription Fatigue on the Rise

In this article, the authors reveal and analyze the results of the SKP 2022 Streaming Study. Overall trends show that, even though most users are streaming more than pre-pandemic, subscription fatigue is starting to show. In fact, more than one-third of users are likely to cancel a subscription in the next year. Experts outline why streaming services need to rethink their monetization models. This article presents insights and strategies for all pricers utilizing subscription and/or usage-based pricing models.

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Inflation in the Subscription Economy

In the world of subscriptions, customers typically pay a fixed amount in regular intervals after having made a purchase decision on a pricing page from a set of available plans, usually differentiated by feature or time commitment. With a dollar in the future not being the same as a dollar today due to record rising inflation, the $20/month you charge customers will be worth less and less in real terms over time. While rising inflation is a legitimate concern for SaaS companies, its effects can be mitigated by planning ahead and adapting prices the right way.

Will Subscriptions Work Forever? The Future of a Popular Pricing Tactic

If you want to incorporate subscription pricing into your business, you need to take a step back and focus on the “forever promise” that your customer wants you to make to them. It’s all about being willing to rethink the bundle of benefits you provide on an ongoing basis, instead of focusing on selling widgets, as the author explains.

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Usage Based Pricing in Subscription Business

To remain competitive in fast-paced environments, companies have opted for various improvements across their product features, supply chains, and services offered. But perhaps most noteworthy are those that flip business models on their heads by moving to subscription and usage-based pricing models. This article analyzes seven types of usage-based pricing models, the benefits and challenges of each, and how these models can be harnessed to develop customer trust and loyalty over time.

Choosing the Right Pricing Model for Equipment as a Service

Makers and sellers of industrial equipment and machinery would like to capture more value from their wares by retaining ownership and charging customers for subscription rates. But the transition to this model has been slow, reflecting the difficulty in pricing accurately. For the model to work, sellers and buyers have to understand the value the equipment adds to the business, and agree on how to share it, as the authors explain.

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This is The Most Important Pricing Trend of 2021

The COVID-19 economy has forced rapid and significant changes in many business and pricing models globally. Most significantly, it has driven the rise of subscription pricing in industries that previously would not have considered a complete pricing strategy transformation necessary. In 2021, we are seeing three trends around subscription pricing which are game-changers and which both B2B and B2C businesses should be keeping a close eye on this year.

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