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Managing Times of “Hybrid-Flation” With Value-Based Pricing

Navigating value-based pricing amid the challenges of hybrid-flation requires a strategic approach. While it may pose difficulties, it is certainly achievable, especially with well-established capabilities. Despite the evolving landscape, the fundamental toolbox and principles remain constant. This paper advocates for heightened preparation and discipline when confronted with requests for price reductions.

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Six Techniques Used for Strategic and Differentiation Analysis

While companies may understand what makes them unique, they frequently neglect to consistently measure and evaluate the evolution of their differentiation strength. Effective competition necessitates constant measurement, management, and improvement of differentiation and advantage, as the author explains.

The 2022 Imperative: The Focus on Customer Value

The purpose of this paper is to provide more information about what customer value means, how it is materialized in pricing and selling processes, and how buyers perceive value and manage it versus price. Customer value is now the number one imperative for all organizations as they build the plans for their next five to ten years, as the author explains.

Fighting “Greedflation” with Value-Based Pricing

Virtually every type of business is feeling the effect of current inflation levels and are being forced to raise prices in order to continue operating profitably. Although most customers understand the current economic pressures and see that prices are increasing everywhere, where things can get messy is in the “how” and “how much” behind these increases. In this article, the author provides best practices for avoiding the appearance of “greedflation.”

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Boosting Confidence in your Value Models Through the Validation Process

In this article, the author presents a detailed process for developing compelling quantified value propositions. Stephan M. Liozu, PhD (, is the Founder of Value Innoruption Advisors, a consulting boutique specialized in value-based pricing, industrial pricing, digital and subscription-based pricing.

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