Change Management in Pricing

Instructor: Stephan Liozu, PhD

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More than 70% of projects fail because of the inability of organizations to change. The same goes with pricing projects and initiatives. Change in value and pricing management is challenging, sometimes tenuous, and might take a long time to be accepted, adopted and assimilated. Whether pricing practitioners lead a small project or they embark on a transformational pricing journey, they have to understand the basic concepts and theories of change management.

During this online course, the speaker presents the most effective and adopted change management methodologies. The concept of organizational change capacity in pricing is discussed based on a 2012 survey of 939 pricing professionals that identified the key drivers of successful change in pricing. Finally, the speaker reviews in details a proprietary change management model for pricing projects that includes ten critical dimensions of transformational change.

This unique course combines the latest science in change management and change leadership with practical real-life examples specifically related to pricing.

Pricers will learn:

  • The various change management theories and methodologies
  • The concept of organizational change capacity and its significance in pricing transformational projects
  • The ten dimensions of change in pricing that are important for the pricing journey
  • The potential roadblocks to change and how to handle them
  • An emerging change management framework for pricing transformations

Duration: 153 minutes

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