Commerce Strategies for Winning at Digital Selling

Instructor: PROS Pricing

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Commerce Strategies for Winning at Digital Selling:

Why Pricing is Key to Accelerating the Shift to Digital and Enabling Omnichannel Experiences

While some businesses were well prepared for the Covid-19 crisis with robust existing digital channels, many B2B companies were ill-prepared for the swift change to virtual selling and reacted with quickly thrown together ecommerce systems.  In the face of inflation, supply chain volatility, and changing customer requirements, these systems couldn’t deliver the exceptional customer experience everyone seeks.

Specifically, many organizations struggle to deliver on two important aspects of selling digitally: 1. availability of pricing for digital self-serve channels, and 2. adapting pricing to fast-changing market conditions and customer needs.

In this workshop, PROS Lead Strategic Consultants, Kim Watson, William (Bill) Dudziak & Joshua Bardell will show us how your organization can build a roadmap to digital selling success.

Pricers will learn:

  • How digital acceleration has changed the pricing transformation journey
  • The needs and challenges of your key collaborators: Sales and eCommerce teams
  • How your organization can gain competitive advantage with digital acceleration

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