Initiating Your Price Improvement Journey

Instructor: PROS Pricing

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Does your organization struggle with reactive pricing and inconsistent quoting processes? Are you hampered by revenue and margin leakage because you can’t keep up with market changes?  Do you miss out on opportunities because you can‘t respond to quotes quickly enough?  Or, does the market and competition define your pricing strategy instead of you exerting influence on the market? If any of these things ring true, there’s no time to waste. Join this workshop with renowned pricing experts Kim Watson and Bill Dudziak to learn how you can begin addressing these pressing pricing problems by driving alignment and efficient execution on a strategic approach to pricing. With Kim and Bill, you’ll prioritize the pricing problems you should be addressing, you’ll determine the best-fit pricing strategies for your business, and you’ll consider how to leverage systems and automation for more effective, agile pricing.

Pricers will learn:

  • How to identify the pricing problems deserving of immediate attention
  • The best-fit pricing strategies to start your price improvement journey
  • How to move beyond spreadsheets for more agile, strategic pricing

Meet Your Facilitators:

William (Bill) Dudziak is a Lead Strategic Consultant for PROS where he supports clients to develop their vision and execution plan for pricing improvement. With nearly two decades of pricing leadership at Fortune 50 organizations like Whole Foods/Amazon and Home Depot, Dudziak has expertise in defining pricing strategies, building out pricing Centers of Excellence, driving pricing transformation with artificial intelligence and change management. In addition to the companies listed above, Dudziak has set up  Centers of Excellence within manufacturing and distribution companies.  Finally, Dudziak is a frequent conference speaker and guest lecturer on topics of change management, data cleanliness, pricing strategy and analytics.

Kim Watson is a Senior Strategic Consultant with PROS where she empowers pricing teams to transform their businesses through the use of artificial intelligence. She began her career as a data scientist supporting forecasting models for a major logistics company, designed and delivered on innovation as a product manager, and spent several years overseeing project delivery across a range of industries. Kim is passionate about helping others to reach their fullest potential not just through technology, but also through her leadership roles in PROS diversity support groups BLAZE and PRIDE@PROS.

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