Managing Pricing Effectively through Market Volatility

Instructor: PROS Pricing

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With global businesses more intertwined and dependent than ever, significant market downturns like the Covid-19 outbreak impacts every business.

Many will be tempted to respond to the uncertainty with drastic price actions, we’ll review why those who follow a disciplined, pragmatic approach will maintain control of their most powerful profit lever, preserve revenues in the near term and set their business up to capture market share when traditional business processes resume.

Through this course, we will provide guidance on what actions pricing teams should be prioritizing in the short term, in the mid-term, and how to be prepared for the recovery.

We’ll examine the keys to managing pricing through a downturn across the essential levels: 

  1. Market Level Management
  2. Customer Value Perceptions
  3. Transactions

We’ll review the requirements for pricing infrastructure (people, processes, and tech) that allows for effective price coordination across these various levels in order to dynamically coordinate pricing to changing market needs, changing customer perceptions of values, and the unique conditions of each transaction.

Pricers Will Learn:

  • Why disciplined price strategy is more essential through a downturn
  • The key dynamics to watch out for across the varied levels of price management
  • Prioritizing short-term, mid-term and long-term actions
  • The essential elements to coordinating pricing in volatile times

About The Course Leaders:

Craig Zawada is responsible for creating the vision for how PROS uses data and technology to help companies drive their business strategy. A widely published author, Zawada is perhaps best well known for co-authoring “The Price Advantage,” which has been recognized as one of the most pragmatic books available on pricing strategy. Prior to joining PROS, he was a partner and leader in the Marketing & Sales Practice at McKinsey & Company.

Joshua Bardell, Lead Strategic Consultant at PROS, works closely with prospects and customers to ensure each product selection and implementation are successfully matched to provide optimal customer value. Joshua has focused his career on pricing and strategy, with a focus on strategic pricing initiatives to drive margin dollars. He has worked in the airline industry, retail and distribution industries, with his most recent role as Director of Pricing & Strategy for American Hotel Register. Joshua has seen the pricing world from a number of different angles, having led pricing teams, selecting and implementing pricing systems as well as selling pricing software.

William (Bill) Dudziak is a Lead Strategic Consultant for PROS where he supports clients to develop their vision and execution plan for pricing improvement. With nearly two decades of pricing leadership at Fortune 50 organizations like Whole Foods/Amazon and Home Depot, Dudziak has expertise in defining pricing strategies, building out pricing Centers of Excellence, driving pricing transformation with artificial intelligence and change management. In addition to the companies listed above, Dudziak has set up Centers of Excellence within manufacturing and distribution companies. Finally, Dudziak is a frequent conference speaker and guest lecturer on topics of change management, data cleanliness, pricing strategy and analytics.

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