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Supply Chain Crisis: Defining Better Pricing Principles for B2B Companies

As 2023 begins, many B2B companies are still experiencing the effects of the supply chain crisis that defined much of 2022. Unfortunately, there is no single one-size-fits-all solution to tackling the pricing implications of the current global supply chain crisis. However, by applying the pricing principles in this article, B2B companies can deliver better results in the near term and be better prepared for future supply chain challenges, as the authors explain.

Implementing Successful Price Changes

Every commercial leader understands the effort that goes into setting the right price, so it’s important not to overlook some basic actions to mitigate the risk of falling short of your goals. In this article, the author outlines three critical steps for determining the effectiveness of your pricing initiatives.

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Power of Pricing Analytics in Retail and E-Tail Decision Making

For retail and e-tail businesses, there are significant benefits to working with pricing analytics experts who have high-level pricing analytical skills and can use a company’s data to inform pricing and create new pricing opportunities, especially in the areas of e-commerce and competitive intelligence. In this article, the author presents best practices for applying pricing analytics tactics to large, dynamic retail businesses which can be used by pricers operating in these markets.

Pricing Pains are Hiding in Your Dated ERP

Enjoy this throwback article from 2020, recently updated for current context, and one of the most popular Zilliant articles to date. It details how companies tend to shortchange their pricing capabilities by conforming to the limitations of their aging ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, and how a real-time pricing engine offers a way out.

Managing Pricing Complexity can Become an Advantage

There is no denying that pricing is the most complex discipline in an organization. However, your customers do not care about your complexity. They do not want to be on the receiving end of it. They have options and will clearly move on to another vendor. So how do you manage the pricing complexity that is increasing daily in these changing market conditions?

Net Revenue Retention Impacts the Value of Your Company

Earlier in November, TechCrunch published an article entitled: “What’s the right NDR target for SaaS startups? And why pricing could be key to moving the NDR needle.” In this paper, the author, who publishes frequently on the topic of Pricing and NDR (Net Dollar Retention or more generally NRR for Net Revenue Retention), explores some of the key points from the article and adds some further thoughts on how pricing and packaging strategy are central to growing NDR. Pricing and NDR is a critical theme for pricing professionals as we go into 2023, as the author explains.

Price Walls and Demand Curves in Pricing Strategies

In this article, the author explains the concept of price walls – psychological price points where small price changes generate significant changes in sales volume and revenue – and why they – as well as understanding what an actual demand curve looks like for a specific product or product, family, or service – are critical components for developing a successful pricing strategy.

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Global Streaming Trends 2022: Subscription Fatigue on the Rise

In this article, the authors reveal and analyze the results of the SKP 2022 Streaming Study. Overall trends show that, even though most users are streaming more than pre-pandemic, subscription fatigue is starting to show. In fact, more than one-third of users are likely to cancel a subscription in the next year. Experts outline why streaming services need to rethink their monetization models. This article presents insights and strategies for all pricers utilizing subscription and/or usage-based pricing models.

Getting Everyone Onboard for Price Increases

Customers want the best value, not necessarily the best price. Our job is to justify the price based on the value we deliver. Often customers do not know or purposely ignore this. This includes the product, services, support, and terms and conditions we offer. Getting a lower price from a competitor is not the same as getting the “same value” at a lower price. Knowing and communicating your unique value proposition is key in implementing price increases, as the author explains.

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The Future of Pricing: Insights on Leading Through Volatile Markets

This paper is based on in-depth interviews conducted by Holden Advisors of leaders of FORTUNE 100 to FORTUNE 500 companies in CEO, President, or SVP roles. All interviews were completed in 2022 with one intent: to understand the drivers of change in current markets, the impact on pricing, and what leaders must do to prepare for the future.

The Value Mindset

In this paper, the author examines the nature and phases of value transformation and why the process is challenging. He examines how working on a value mindset can accelerate the journey and get teams fully aligned on what matters, and concludes by exploring the approach and implementation of the 6A Value Mindset model.

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Online Pricing Courses

The PPS online pricing training platform was specifically designed to help you increase your pricing intelligence and maximize your potential within your organization. With over 40 professionally crafted pricing courses, PPS is equipped to cover all of your pricing and business training needs.

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