Pricing in a Crisis

Instructor: Joanne Smith

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In the B2B world, it’s inevitable that you will face difficult times — recessions, pandemics, steeply declining oil prices, and more. These events can lead to intense pricing pressure that, left unchecked, may result in disastrous financial performance. Yet, pricing pressure doesn’t need to lead to crippling pricing declines. You need to get ahead of the storm with a Pricing Crisis Preparedness Plan and you need the skill to execute your plan with confidence.

In this course, Joanne, author of Pricing in a Crisis Playbook, will share her firsthand success drawing from the strategies she used to lead DuPont and other global B2B companies through tough times.

Pricers will learn:

  • The importance of proactively influencing the market with a sense of urgency
  • How to prepare a comprehensive Pricing Crisis Preparedness Plan
  • How to segment your customers and develop strategies/policies for each segment during market downturns
  • How to make smart price discounting decisions with confidence

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