Strategic Pricing for Software – CPA Edition

Instructor: Scott Miller

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Earn 5.0 CPE Credits in Specialized Knowledge

In a fast-paced digital transformation era, software can often seem overwhelmingly complex to price and monetize. As a result, many organizations can default to guesswork around willingness-to-pay or even apply suboptimal cost-plus pricing approaches. Enter a need for best practices in value-based software pricing.

Whether your organization is B2C (business-to-consumer), B2B (business-to-business), or B2G (business-to-government), this PPS online pricing course will ensure participants from any sized organization and industry can improve and optimize their software pricing, monetization, and offer design practices using proven best-in-class approaches alongside leading-edge value-based pricing tools.

This course will focus heavily on the Offer Design process within the Software Pricing FrameworkTM: from defining the strategy, to price-value analysis, to packaging and metrics, to pricing SaaS, to price model stress testing. We will also discuss deal pricing and price-to-win analysis tools for software request-for-proposal (RFP) bid scenarios.

By the end of this course, your level of expertise and confidence around software pricing capabilities will be dramatically improved. Armed with best-in-class approaches to software pricing using the right frameworks, the right tools, and right packaging approaches – you will be able to drive material improvements to revenue and profitability across your company’s software portfolio.

This course is designed based on the following topics:

  • Software 101: Introduction
    • Overview of software trends and innovations
    • Review of software revenue models
    • Your journey to software pricing excellence
    • Introduction to the Software Pricing FrameworkTM
  • Module 1: Value-Based Pricing
    • Articulating the software value proposition (and differentiation)
    • Assessing segmentation strategies
    • Application of four (4) price-value tools
    • Overview of software pricing case studies
  • Module 2: Pricing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
    • SaaS overview and the SaaS value proposition
    • Pricing SaaS for new and migrating clients
    • Pricing hosted managed in a complex B2B / B2G environment
  • Module 3: Packaging & Metrics
    • Introduction to the Software Offer Design Canvas
    • Software revenue models, packaging types, and metric types
    • Applying subscription pricing with B2B software contracts
    • Bundling
    • Pricing tiers (volume discounts & good-better-best)
    • Tactics:
      • Software adoption tactics
      • Mix optimization (cross-elasticity)
    • Financial views and price stress testing your models
  • Module 4: Software Deal Pricing (incl. RFPs = Request-for-Proposals)
    • Software deal processes: Large RFPs vs. Quote-to-Cash
    • Review Three (3) types of RFPs
    • Applying Price-to-Win analysis based on RFP type
  • Conclusion


Scott Miller is founder of Miller Advisors Inc (, a boutique software strategy and marketing consultancy firm that specializes in best practice for pricing, monetization, and offer design. With over 20 years of pricing experience in both corporate and consulting environments, Scott brings know-how expertise to develop and deliver value-based pricing initiatives in complex business environments. Scott is also a Fellow of the International Software Product Management Association (ISPMA), CPA, CMA, and a published author & speaker on best-in-class pricing practices. Scott can be reached at

Additional Information:

  • No prerequisite knowledge is required to be successful in this course.
  • No advanced preparation is required.
  • Program Level: Basic
  • Delivery Method: QAS Self Study

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