Successfully Managing Pricing

Instructor: Dr. Anshu Jalora

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It is well accepted by business leaders that pricing is very powerful in impacting the profitability of organizations. And we also know that with great powers come great responsibilities. Therefore, it becomes essential that substantial efforts are invested in executing the great pricing strategies, so that their full benefits can be realized. It requires not only strategic outlook and computational prowess, but also execution excellence manifested in all the direct and indirect activities involved from conceptualization to rolling out prices.

Dr. Jalora draws upon his learning from his previous pricing roles at Starbucks,, PROS, and Reliance Jio, and his analysis of pricing scenarios at some of the leading global companies operating in B2B and B2C industries, and presents a comprehensive approach for successfully managing pricing at organizations.

This course is appropriate for senior to mid-senior level sales, product, marketing, finance, pricing, and systems executives who are directly or indirectly involved in pricing decisions and processes at their organizations.

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