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Introduction to B2B Dynamic Pricing

Machine Learning-based dynamic pricing allows B2B enterprises to better leverage opportunities and improve growth margins. However, certain factors must be taken into consideration for the model to work effectively. In this article, the author explores the growth potential, challenges, and pitfalls of B2B dynamic pricing, and outlines why, how, and when B2B dynamic pricing should be developed and employed for commercial excellence.

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B2B Pricing and Sales Software: Knowing When It Is Time to Invest

In this article, the author shares the pros and cons behind the timing of pricing and sales software investment decisions. Should you invest before or after implementing other major systems such as ERP or CRM? And how do you determine if your datasets are clean and prepped enough to proceed? As the author explains, the best approach is to be informed, fully consider the options, and listen to your instincts.

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Is Price Optimization Realistic in a B2B Environment?

A lot of executives in the B2B sphere are talking about wanting to achieve “price optimization.” Measuring pricing power at the customer and product level is very possible for businesses to achieve with a high degree of reliability. Just don’t fool yourself into thinking that this is B2B price optimization! What manufacturing and industrial businesses need is value-based pricing that uses sound pricing strategies and advanced analytics, as the author explains.

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Is Subscription Pricing Right for B2B Business?

The growth of the subscription economy has become incredibly evident in B2C markets. However, the move to subscription based pricing models is also beginning to grow rapidly in B2C industries. When done right, subscription pricing drives recurring monthly revenue and increases customer intimacy. In this article, the author explores factors to consider before moving to a subscription model and best practices for implementing this change successfully.

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