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Potential untapped: The Chinese used car market in the times of “Internet Plus”

In this article, the authors examine the driving forces behind the steadily growing Chinese used car market, and analyze the four distinct business models that exist currently in the Chinese O2O (online-to-offline platform) market. This country and industry specific article provides valuable insights to pricers in multiple industries, and especially to those working in international markets.

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Smart Packaging 4.0: Opportunities and risks of Industry 4.0 in the packaging industry

In this article, the authors examine the question of how serious the Industry 4.0 revolutions will be and which disruptive consequences will they have for existing business models. This industry specific analysis provides guidance for pricers in other industries and markets who are confronting technological and organizational changes that require shifts in pricing strategy and operations.

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How 3D Printing Stands to Disrupt Capacity, Sourcing and Pricing

In this article, the author explores how the introduction of 3D printing technology and production into the industrial B2B space will possibly affect pricing and business models for industrial and distribution companies. He also explains how some companies are already making proactive changes to manage this market shift.

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