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Playbook for Competitive Price Engagement

Anthropologists have identified a relatively consistent pattern in the structure of ancient civilizations: they tend to have a core, tributary (semi-periphery) zone, and raiding zone (periphery). Similarly, it can be argued that many companies serve three market segments: natural, competitive, and opportunistic. Sun Tzu would likely state that it is best to avoid directly engaging the raiding zone unless it can either be won and held peacefully or else engagement cannot be avoided. As it is with international engagements, so it is with company-competitive engagements.

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Supermarkets: How to Compete Against Walmart and Amazon Using Price

How can supermarkets compete against online retail giants Walmart and Amazon who are aggressively entering their markets via online grocery ordering, curbside pickup and home delivery? In this article, the authors explore how supermarkets can use pricing strategy to actively compete and improve their price image with consumers without giving away their bottom line.

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