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Mastering the Price Wars: Thriving in Competitive Markets

Successfully navigating pricing challenges in a competitive environment requires a comprehensive understanding of your value proposition, segmented by customer type, and supported by price data and pre-approved responses. With these in place, your business will be in a strong position to rise above the competition, as the author explains.

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Competition-Based Pricing: Should Competitors Guide Your Prices?

How does competition-based pricing work? And when does it make sense to use it? In this article, the author analyzes the pros and cons of competitive pricing and its application, especially in the context of rising global inflation. In the current environment, the majority of companies will need to examine how they can increase their prices rather than drop them to match the competition, as the author explains.

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Pricing Case Study: Cognos Fight Back

Cognos, a market leader for business intelligence software, found itself in an increasingly difficult competitive position. Its closes rival, Business Objects, was threatening the status quo with a new market approach and new list prices that were 50% lower – a level guaranteed to induce sticker shock to even the most loyal of Cognos’ customers.

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