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CPQ Not a Panacea: Five Reasons CPQ Does Not Fix Pricing Problems

Author Lydia Di Liello, pricing expert with more than 25 years of experience, recently interviewed four fellow senior pricing experts to get their perspective on what CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is really all about. In this article, she highlights insights from those interviews to educate pricers about what aspects of pricing CPQ does and does not help, and explores the fact that, while CPQ is often supported by software, it is equally a mindset of defining, setting and controlling business processes to achieve repeatable, consistent price for highly configurable products.

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Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions as a powerful lever to boost bottom-line performance

Sales representatives spend on average less than 40% of their time on value-adding sales activities, with a large part of their non-value-adding time spent on administrative tasks. Software solutions supporting the process of configuration, pricing and sending out quotations (CPQ process) can help significantly boost salesforce efficiency and effectiveness.

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Deployment is Only The First Step: Lessons Learned From a Major CPQ Rollout

In this article, the author outlines some lessons learned from his recent experience in implementing large scale CPQ (Configure Price Quote) rollouts, highlighting the importance of gaining new user buy-in and executing organization-wide change management techniques. He also offers strategies for pricers and organizations who are integrating a new CPQ solution.

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