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Solving the Paradox of Fair Prices

Charging different prices is often fairer than charging everyone the same price. While there are no standard answers to the question of what makes a price fair, business leaders can embrace market transparency, understand what drives the perceptions of fairness in their market, and ensure that they offer prices that customers will perceive as fair. With the right understanding and the right approach, companies can vary prices in ways that mutually benefit themselves and customers, and perhaps society as well, as the author explains.

How to Navigate a Crisis and Keep Branding Intact with Pricing

How should businesses respond to a crisis, such as the current global COVID-19 situation? In times of crisis, we often see consumer backlash against companies perceived to be employing price gouging in order to capitalize on crisis supply and demand changes. But when are dynamic pricing techniques and price increase actually price gouging? In this article, we explore price gouging and dynamic pricing strategies and how they affect consumers' brand perception.

Are You Really Getting a Discount, or Is It Just a Pricing Trick?

The media has recently been scrutinizing “misleading retail reference prices,” or the practice of promoting prices as “sales” or “ discounts” when the list prices are actually inflated above suggested retail prices. In this article, the author explores common retail pricing strategies used and the potential ramifications of price misinformation.

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