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Make Value Realization A Strong Competitive Advantage

It is no longer a question of if and when we will face a recession. It is a matter of how bad it is going to get. One of the recession busters is to make a decisive and bold move in customer value management (CVM). This is step number one, and it is a matter of investing in the right process and platform in the next 30 to 60 days, as the author explains.

The 2022 Imperative: The Focus on Customer Value

The purpose of this paper is to provide more information about what customer value means, how it is materialized in pricing and selling processes, and how buyers perceive value and manage it versus price. Customer value is now the number one imperative for all organizations as they build the plans for their next five to ten years, as the author explains.

The KISS Principle In Customer Value Management

In pricing, there are two types of complexity. Good complexity can lead to competitive advantage if you can make it simple for customers to absorb. Bad complexity can frustrate potential customers and cause them to seek another solution. In this article, the author provides best practices for making your differentiators and value drivers easy for customers to understand.

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