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Restaurant cost and price increases: The value of digital and loyalty initiatives

Most restaurants anticipate being affected by recession and cost increases over the next year. How can brands continue to drive growth with price differentiation and digital & loyalty initiatives? Although specific to the restaurant industry, this article offers insights for pricing in the currently challenging global economy that can be applied across numerous industries.

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Excerpt from “Digital Pricing: A Guide to Strategic Pricing for the Digital Economy“

This article is an excerpt from the author‘s successful pricing book - "Digital Pricing: A Guide to Strategic Pricing for the Digital Economy“ – the second edition of which has recently been released in English and is now available for purchase. The excerpt focuses on how digitization influences all aspects of price management, enabling new business models, additional revenue streams, greater integration of customers into business processes, innovative price models, and more.

Achieving Digital Pricing Excellence

Digital pricing transformations are crucial drivers for profit improvement. However, without a clear commercial focus, these projects fail. To become a Pricing Star, companies need to clearly define their commercial strategy, pricing structure, and digital needs. Only once their commercial and digital roadmaps are in sync can firms start reaping the benefits of digital pricing, as the authors explain.

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Pricing and Digitization: Parallel Journeys to Success and Survival

Digital transformation is a broad term used to refer to significant technological changes across human resource, supply chain, customer service, marketing, and finance systems. As a company digitizes, they can increase their capability to monetize assets and optimize their existing data to better inform pricing decisions (and value capture). This in turn makes pricing a prospective part of the transformation journey, as the author explains.

Nike: The Dark Horse of Digital Fitness

Nike’s digital strategy has been building towards a dream of personalization at scale. The lynchpin of this strategy is the Nike membership program, which allows Nike to digitize customer interactions. Their app ecosystem allows Nike to collect data on customers that power personalized commerce experiences. One of those apps is Nike Training Club. In this article, the author explores how Nike employs Freemium strategies to engage new users and then moves into personalized subscriptions, product sales and more to maintain customer relationships.

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Digital Pricing: Supporting Better and Faster Pricing Decisions

Digital pricing techniques have the potential to generate sustainable profits for a wide range of businesses, but using traditional pricing models is not an effective method for monetizing innovative solutions based on digital technology. In this article, the author explores examples of companies who have developed pioneering pricing solutions for digital and IoT technology offerings, and provides best practices for developing digital technology pricing strategies.

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