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How to Mitigate the Risk in Undervaluing Digital Innovation

As companies move closer and closer to commercializing their digital offer, they run the risk of undervaluing the technology. To mitigate this risk, it’s important to develop a value-based pricing strategy and to consider this strategy from the onset of the advanced solution, rather than as an afterthought. In this article, the author presents strategies to help your organization determine a fair economic value for your advanced solution.

Digital Pill Excitement: Do Payers Share the Same Sentiment?

In this article, the authors examine a recently introduced and highly innovative healthcare product and address significant questions about its pricing potential. Although this article is specific to current events in the healthcare industry, it provides valuable insight for pricers who are pricing innovations or new products in multiple market sectors.

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Three lessons to learn from tech companies

In this article, the author explores how innovation and leveraging of emerging technologies is allowing large technology players to enter and compete in the global telecommunications market, and focuses on the ramifications for operators in the Middle East. Although this article is market and industry specific, it provides a powerful case study for pricers in multiple industries regarding utilizing innovation to gain market and profit shares.

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