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Consumer Brands: Pricing Power Moves for Higher Profits

For many brands, important cost components will continue to erode the bottom line in 2023. With most brands taking some price increases in 2021-2022, signs of softening demand may be a looming reality for a variety of industries, brands, and sections of any given brand’s markets. What should companies do to combat these economic factors? In this article, the author looks in some detail at three pricing power moves that illustrate that consumer brands always have additional pricing power to find, nurture, and harvest.

Netflix: the Smart Way to Increase Prices

Netflix prices are going up. This week, the streaming service raised the prices of all three of its US plans, constituting a jump of between 13 and 18 percent – the biggest price hike since Netflix launched in 2007. Mark Billige, pricing specialist and Managing Partner at Simon-Kucher & Partners, explains how Netflix’s smart approach is key to gaining customer acceptance.

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