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The Value of Reliability

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many lessons, not the least of which is the value of a reliable supply chain. If you can become a reliable supplier, it’s time to price for that ability. Once your customer internalizes your value, the conversation about your prices has completely changed. The conversation is no longer about you discounting to close the deal, but instead, about your value as a reliable supplier, as the author explains.

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5 Tips for Managing Pricing Amidst Inflation

In response to the ongoing pandemic, inflation is putting pressure on companies operating across many industries and countries. While customers can expect fluctuations in prices, suppliers can benefit from a strategic approach for implementing these price changes. In this article, the author presents five tips for adapting your prices to an inflation environment.

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How COVID-19 Changed the Consumer

BCG Executive Perspectives offer insights on global topics that matter most to leaders in the public and private sectors. This edition delves into the different ways the pandemic is affecting consumption habits and what this means for companies trying to keep up. Although not pricing specific, this article presents key insights for pricers working to develop effective post-COVID pricing strategies.

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What does England’s “Freedom Day” mean for UK Cinemas and Restaurants?

After months and months of COVID induced lockdowns and restrictions, many parts of the UK were recently able to celebrate “Freedom Day,” as the government removed almost all remaining restrictions on its citizens and enabled businesses to dial-down some of the social distancing measures in place for the last 18 months. In this article, one UK pricing expert examines what this means for restaurants, cinemas and other experience economy-based businesses looking to attract customer and regain much needed revenue.

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The Future of the Aftermarket Organization and Why You Have to Invest in It

A study of seven leading industrial manufacturers based in Europe shows a clear correlation between overall organizational profitability and the share of total business delivered as aftermarket services. Moreover, a healthy aftermarket service business offers commercial stability in periods of high market volatility. This has played out in the current COVID-19 pandemic environment with companies who maintain the highest share of aftermarket service business able to retain high profitability. Companies need to continuously invest in the aftermarket service business to ensure a more stable and recurring stream of profit., as the author explains, as he provides pricing insights that can be applied across multiple industries.

Supply Chain Tribulations

There is a lot of uncertainty in the system right now. Things are improving, but global supply chains are fragile. And it is quite possible that the most recent stimulus bill will create even more e-commerce demand, which will send even more products into this already scrambled supply chain. There are opportunities for any company that can adjust to the present environment, as the author explains.

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Can You Protect Your Business and Clients from Cost Shocks?

There has recently been a global surge in the cost of raw materials like metal, granite, and even food. Pandemic-related disruptions, increase in demand, intense supply pressures, trade restrictions, tariffs, increasing labor costs, rising import/export costs, and more are wreaking havoc on pricing in the manufacturing sector. Are there options for pricing or contracting that can protect companies from these sorts of price shocks?

From Free Fall to Gliding: The Agile Cost Management Challenges in an “After Corona” World

The one trait that will separate the winners from the rest in this pandemic is a rare combination of capabilities that we call commercial agility: the ability to make resilient pricing, design, sales, and cost management decisions with unprecedented speed and flexibility – over and over again – until some form of equilibrium returns to your market.

This is The Most Important Pricing Trend of 2021

The COVID-19 economy has forced rapid and significant changes in many business and pricing models globally. Most significantly, it has driven the rise of subscription pricing in industries that previously would not have considered a complete pricing strategy transformation necessary. In 2021, we are seeing three trends around subscription pricing which are game-changers and which both B2B and B2C businesses should be keeping a close eye on this year.

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