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Travel Trends Study 2022: From COVID to Cost Hikes

Simon-Kucher & Partners recently conducted a cross-national survey to identify trends in leisure travel in the post-pandemic, high-inflation economy. Revenge travel is reaching its peak, yet the cost-of-living crisis is starting to impact leisure travelers’ behavior and spending. Perhaps more than any other sector, travel and tourism has been transformed by the pandemic. Yet it’s clear that the pandemic isn’t the only factor influencing the way we travel in 2022 and beyond. In this article, the authors explore the results of this study and the implications for pricers in travel-related industries. Although industry specific, this article provides useful consumer insights for all pricers dealing with current economic challenges.

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Preparing the Chemicals Sector for Post-COVID-19: 5 Key Recommendations

Three factors will ultimately determine how prepared the chemicals sector will be for the post-COVID-19 era: how well the companies understand the current effects of the COVID-19 crisis, how the companies cope with uncertainty in the meantime, and how well they seize five key opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.

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Pricing Through the Pandemic: Getting Ready for Recovery

Experience shows that some of the most thoughtful pricing leaders take advantage of slowdowns to invest in the future. Building new pricing discipline, flexibility, and capabilities now can create long-term competitive advantages. For pricing leaders, the three most important areas to focus on are: being creative in meeting customer needs while preserving value, driving strong pricing discipline, and investing boldly in capabilities for the future, as the authors explain.

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Agile Pricing for COVID-19: 10 Smart B2B Pricing Measures for the Crisis

The coronavirus crisis is affecting companies and the economy with full force. The consequences are multifaceted, from the increasing vulnerability of supply chains and the rising number of infections on production lines to added stress on sales teams, which must react to rapidly changing market events. Adding agility to their pricing processes and price models can help companies reduce the impact of the crisis, as the authors explain.

Pricing Strategy: Foresight is 20/20

Many companies are now revising pricing strategies to build resiliency for the aftermath of COVID-19. Companies that refine their pricing strategy with foresight in 2020 will set the stage for a stronger recovery and long- term growth as the crisis abates. In this article, the authors present a roadmap for redeveloping pricing strategy based on insights into three key areas.

Quick Test: Will Your Business Strategy Work Post-COVID?

As companies emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown into a new business reality, the winners will be those who remain attuned to sound strategies. As you’re developing your adapted business and pricing strategies, you’ll be looking to play to your core strengths, pivot to exploit competitor weaknesses, and take advantage of new white spaces in the market. In this article, the author presents a 3-step game-plan to fuel your post-pandemic strategy.

New Propositions and Pricing in the “Six-Feet” Economy

The impact of COVID-19 and the measurements that governments have taken to curb the spread of the coronavirus are dramatically disrupting our society and economy. The critical challenge for companies affected by this new “six-feet economy” will be to what extent they are able to renovate their value propositions and pass on cost increases to customers, as the authors explain.

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