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How to Avoid Common Pricing Software Pitfalls

Demand for pricing software has continued to grow as companies strive for a more data-driven pricing approach. As a result, the market has increased, multiple providers have emerged, and total purchasing and implementation costs for pricing software systems have rapidly increased. With such a high upfront investment, one would think the returns would justify the cost. Unfortunately, 92% of pricing software fail to meet targeted KPIs within three years. In this article, the author examines the reasons behind these failing trends.

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When and How to Automate

Pricing automation systems and software tools are gaining more attention daily, as AI and machine learning are expanding the scope of what jobs can be done and what processes can be automated. These types of software systems can save time, effort and money, but not without demanding and fair share of resources first. In this article, the author explores several factors – such as current processes and resources, and data availability and quality – that should be considered before moving to a new automation system.

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