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Achieving Market Access for a Novel Ultra-Orphan Treatment

This case study outlines how to implement value pricing approaches in the difficult process of pricing a new pharmaceutical product. The process implemented in this project enabled the client to achieve market access in the US and the EU5 (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain) for a first-in-class, ultra-orphan oncology therapy.

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Case Study: 36% Higher Portfolio Value with Behavioral Selling

In this case study, the author outlines a portfolio optimization project for Oberbayerische Volksblatt (OVB) Rosenheim. This project helped the company transition from a confusing showcase of possibilities to a subscription store that helps customers decide. The emphasis on behavioral selling has increased the company’s portfolio value by 36%.

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Three lessons to learn from tech companies

In this article, the author explores how innovation and leveraging of emerging technologies is allowing large technology players to enter and compete in the global telecommunications market, and focuses on the ramifications for operators in the Middle East. Although this article is market and industry specific, it provides a powerful case study for pricers in multiple industries regarding utilizing innovation to gain market and profit shares.

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Potential untapped: The Chinese used car market in the times of “Internet Plus”

In this article, the authors examine the driving forces behind the steadily growing Chinese used car market, and analyze the four distinct business models that exist currently in the Chinese O2O (online-to-offline platform) market. This country and industry specific article provides valuable insights to pricers in multiple industries, and especially to those working in international markets.

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Boosting ASPs (Average Selling Prices) to Drive Profitability

In this article, the author digs deeper into average selling prices to identify opportunities to improve revenues and profits. He also presents a pricing case study in which ASPs were analyzed by a building materials company, which aimed to improve the impact of its pricing as well as the return on investment of a pricing function and appropriate pricing tools.

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Why Connected Technologies are Pushing Manufacturers to Value Based Pricing Strategies

Companies that are quick to adopt new pricing models, or innovate new pricing models themselves, often see rapid growth and development. Unfortunately for the manufacturing industry, pricing innovation has been largely absent in the recent past. In this article, the author explores some growing trends in technology that will help pricers in the manufacturing industry adopt new and competitive pricing tactics.

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What Smart Pricing Can Achieve: The London Olympics

Looking ahead to the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, this article examines the impressively successful pricing tactics employed by the pricing team for the previous Summer Olympics in 2012 in London. The London ticket team’s work demonstrated the powerful combination of high perceived value and excellent communication can drive higher willingness to pay, as the author explains.

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Deployment is Only The First Step: Lessons Learned From a Major CPQ Rollout

In this article, the author outlines some lessons learned from his recent experience in implementing large scale CPQ (Configure Price Quote) rollouts, highlighting the importance of gaining new user buy-in and executing organization-wide change management techniques. He also offers strategies for pricers and organizations who are integrating a new CPQ solution.

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Increase Topline Growth in the Off-Highway Vehicle Industry by Optimizing Spare Parts Prices

In this article, the authors present pricing strategies that pricers in the off-highway vehicle industry can employ to increase profits and cut costs in the fluctuating global economy. This industry- specific analysis provides pricing strategies and advice that can be applied by pricers in multiple industries.

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What America’s Best BBQ Joint Can Teach You About Pricing

When business is good and demand is high, it is tempting for businesses to raise prices. However, customers have long memories and emotional responses to prices, and short-term increases can affect long-term business. In this article, the author explores the emotional responses that customers have regarding prices and outlines steps that businesses can take to squelch the emotions brought on by high prices.

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