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PPS December 2022 Survey of Today’s Pricing Professional

The Professional Pricing Society’s December 2022 survey of pricing professionals received 743 responses from a cross-section of industries across the globe. The mission of PPS is to nurture a growing community of pricing professionals committed to disseminating pricing expertise throughout the business world. As part of this mission, PPS conducts surveys with the hope that this information provides a good synopsis of where pricing stands as a career option while also providing a good demonstration of pricing’s status in the business world.

Pricing Through High Inflation

In an environment of entrenched inflation, those companies that can execute fast on price adjustments/increases will become the fittest to overcome the challenge. Reacting means already losing margins, and potentially even business and competitiveness. Managing in anticipation and swift execution are key to coping with an inflationary business environment. That said, price adjustments need to be fair, evidence-based, and transparent, and they need to be tuned to that level which allows for good competitiveness. This demands a high level of business agility, as the author explains.

Excerpt from “Digital Pricing: A Guide to Strategic Pricing for the Digital Economy“

This article is an excerpt from the author‘s successful pricing book - "Digital Pricing: A Guide to Strategic Pricing for the Digital Economy“ – the second edition of which has recently been released in English and is now available for purchase. The excerpt focuses on how digitization influences all aspects of price management, enabling new business models, additional revenue streams, greater integration of customers into business processes, innovative price models, and more.

Achieving Digital Pricing Excellence

Digital pricing transformations are crucial drivers for profit improvement. However, without a clear commercial focus, these projects fail. To become a Pricing Star, companies need to clearly define their commercial strategy, pricing structure, and digital needs. Only once their commercial and digital roadmaps are in sync can firms start reaping the benefits of digital pricing, as the authors explain.

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