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From Pricing to Monetization: Why does it matter?

In this article, the authors posit that the term “pricing” does not do justice to the nature and extent of the work done by professional pricing teams, and suggest it is time to rethink the word and expand it to formally include value management and other peripheral activities which are increasingly becoming part of the functional scope.

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Management Pricing Concerns: Which Issues Matter?

All it takes is a cursory look at the news to find plenty of examples of the pricing issues of well-known companies being covered in the public sphere. These examples can help us to determine which pricing concerns are most important to management. While any pricing concern could be most important to a given company at a given time, there are a few recurring themes across industries.

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The Need for Commercial Excellence 2.0

One of the business impacts clearly demonstrated during the COVID-19 crisis is that, due to a combination of the pandemic’s economic impact as well as the accelerated rate of commercial digitalization, Commercial excellence 1.0 is dead. Long live commercial excellence 2.0. This new version is fast, furious, focused on impact, grounded in pricing science, and leveraging technology for efficiency, as the author explains.

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In Pricing, What Is the Goal?

In pricing, what is the goal? Is it to increase profits, revenue, or some other metric? The obvious answer would be profit optimization, yet business experience repeatedly demonstrates that this is not necessarily the case. In this article, the author examines how varying methods of corporate valuation affect and drive the goals for pricing within various organizations.

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A Modern Pricing Manifesto

This article addresses the following question: what makes a modern pricing organization today? According to the author, it is a combination of architecture (legacy systems vs. cloud platforms), strategy (pricing strategy development, governance and revenue models), science (data science literacy and democratization) and deployment (execution, scalability and speed).

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The price of pricing effectiveness: Is the view worth the climb?

In this article, the author analyzes several commonalities associated with enhanced performance in pricing inherent in high-performing companies. She also provides multiple examples of companies at varying stages of pricing transformation as well as different pricing implementation strategies in varying industries to give pricers strategies and insights they can employ in their own pricing journeys.

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