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Pricing Missives

In the currently unpredictable, post-COVID, inflation-plagued economy, companies are being tested on their pricing strategies and their pricing decision-making “spine.” In this article, the author analyzes recent pricing decisions by six organizations in diverse industries and outlines the potential strengths and weaknesses of each pricing approach.

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The Price Whisperer: A Holistic Approach to Pricing Power

This article is a sneak peek at Per Sjofors’ upcoming book “The Price Whisperer.” You can order a copy here. This book explores the complex network of variables that regulate customer perception of price and value, that is, why people buy one product and not another. By isolating key factors that determine a target market’s willingness to pay, businesses can effectively hack their existing model, thereby increasing asking price and sales volume.

Do You Really Have Pricing Power?

We all know that pricing power is one of the best predictors of a company’s long-term financial success and market growth, but how do you know if you have it? Pricing power is one of those things that is very easy to identify in retrospect, but significantly more difficult to proactively create. In this article, the author explores key questions businesses should ask themselves to determine how much pricing power they actually have.

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