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8 Pricing Mistakes You Should Never Make

Even in today’s challenging economy, plagued with high inflation, increasing costs, and supply chain challenges, pricing issues can be easily avoided if you know what to look out for. In this article, the author presents eight common pricing mistakes that companies often make and should work to prevent, especially in light of current challenges.

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From Pricing to Monetization: Why does it matter?

In this article, the authors posit that the term “pricing” does not do justice to the nature and extent of the work done by professional pricing teams, and suggest it is time to rethink the word and expand it to formally include value management and other peripheral activities which are increasingly becoming part of the functional scope.

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Persistence as a Pricing Virtue

Hearing about the struggles of other pricers at last month’s Professional Pricing Society 2021 Fall Virtual Conference reminded this author of obstacles that he has encountered in his own pricing projects through the years, and it made him reflect on the fact that cultivating persistence can only benefit professionals in their pricing careers. It seems that persistence is an essential characteristic for pricing, as the author explains.

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When Pricing, Don’t Forget Your Story

Pricing professionals have many tools in their toolboxes, but in this article, the author reminds pricers to not underestimate the power of storytelling in pricing projects. Shepherding a management decision can be difficult. Without a story that goes beyond presenting pricing analysis and clearly communicates the results of the analysis, it is nearly impossible.

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What Skills and Training Do Pricing Professionals Need?

Pricing can mean various things in various industries and companies. Similarly, the tasks that different pricing professionals require at different stages in their career vary considerably as well. However, there are certain commonalities in the type of skills that pricing professionals use at different levels of maturity, as the author explains.

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Pricing Communication Breakdown

Pricing projects involve a great deal of collaboration, communication and coordination between numerous, diverse departments within an organization. Oftentimes, projects become derailed because one side doesn’t know what the other side is doing or, in many cases, each side is speaking a different “language.” In this article, the author presents recommendations for ensuring that your pricing project isn’t sabotaged by ambiguous or contradictory communications.

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