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Train Your Pricing Muscle

In the current economic climate with increased cost of capital and sustained high inflation across global markets, it’s important for your organization to have an effective annual price increase process in place. As we enter the new year, now is the time to start thinking about your next annual price increase, as the authors explain.

Growth during volatility: The competitive edge through pricing, sales, and marketing

In this article, the author discusses how Business-to-Consumer (B2C) companies can apply tactics in pricing, sales, and marketing to edge out competitors and find success during times of volatility. Consumer business executives must continue to invest in sales and marketing budgets and apply them strategically. Similarly, leaders must know how to respond quickly to address and capitalize on changing consumer spending behaviors, as the author explains.

How High-Tech Companies Can Defy Macro Pressures, Grow Revenue and Margin

An inauspicious start to the year has been especially troubling for high-tech manufacturing, software and services companies. The uncertainty in the economy right now is a universal burden, but high-tech firms that have spent more than a decade riding the wave up are suddenly faced with tough decisions and sizable threats to the top- and bottom-line. In this article, we uncover how AI and data science can help companies capture more margin and revenue despite external economic challenges.

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3 Short-Term Pricing Wins and Where Teams Get it Wrong

At the start of each year, most commercial teams are looking to get a running start on strategic initiatives with price and profit improvement. However, before pursuing quick wins, you should ask your commercial teams these key questions: how effective will this strategy be in the long-term when economic cycles shift, are sales teams well-equipped to communicate these changes in a way that is fair to customers, and what would the impact of these changes be on long-term customer satisfaction?

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After the price hike frenzy, it’s time for precision pricing

Economic conditions are shifting fast, and an indiscriminate approach to pricing will not be a viable performance-enhancing lever in the foreseeable future. Consumer product (CP) companies will need to embrace a more structured, disciplined, scientific, and surgical approach to pricing. We call it “Precision Pricing.” The basic principles and practices presented here will help you navigate the next economic cycle more confidently from a pricing perspective and will put your organization on a path to building differentiated capabilities that will serve you well in the long run, as the authors explain.

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