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Partner Pricing Strategies and the Semiconductor Power Struggle

Strategic partnerships go hand-in-hand with strategic pricing. As the explosion of electronic devices and demand for them continue, and as the shortage of semiconductors continues to exacerbate issues, it’s never been more apparent that all companies need to adapt by understanding their customer and building value beyond pricing. Although focused on the semiconductor industry, this article highlights post-COVID pricing challenges and potential solutions for many sectors.

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Price Inflation on the Rise: 9 Steps for Managing Your Price Increase Process

Increased raw material prices, costs incurred due to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, backlogs of price increases not delivered in 2020: as predicted, these factors are all driving up inflation rates. However, the majority of companies are unprepared for the commercial implications. This article explores how companies can manage and pass on cost increases through the development of robust price increase processes.

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Inflation and Pricing: Time is of the Essence

Whether inflation proves to be a short-term phenomenon or a prolonged reality, companies must react swiftly and wisely. Those who are not using a data-driven pricing approach risk letting this (hopefully) short-term crisis put them at a long-term strategic disadvantage. This article outlines four battle-tested inflation response strategies that deliver the rapidity and intelligence this moment calls for. Learn how to be surgical when increasing prices while incentivizing the right behavior from sales reps.

How Precision Revenue Growth Management Transforms CPG Promotions

Many consumer-packaged-goods companies are stymied because they do not know how (or think it will be too hard) to make the leap toward much greater transparency on the true impact of promotions. The reality is that getting quick results is feasible. CPG companies are learning that the insights derived from advanced analytics capabilities enhance promotion performance—and the bottom line, as the authors explain.

The Worst Pricing Decisions

People often ask us about the worst pricing decisions we have seen. There is a lot of bad pricing out there. But most of it is not so much the result of a bad decision as it is the result of ad-hoc pricing decisions, “me too” pricing or people inadvertently stumbling into a price war, as the author explains.

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Can You Protect Your Business and Clients from Cost Shocks?

There has recently been a global surge in the cost of raw materials like metal, granite, and even food. Pandemic-related disruptions, increase in demand, intense supply pressures, trade restrictions, tariffs, increasing labor costs, rising import/export costs, and more are wreaking havoc on pricing in the manufacturing sector. Are there options for pricing or contracting that can protect companies from these sorts of price shocks?

Excerpt from “Selecting a Strategy for Market Leadership”

On the most basic level, businesses need to meet their customers’ needs by delivering products and services that are considered worthy of the price paid. In each industry, there will be several competitors trying to compete for the customer dollar. The size of your business matters much less than having a sound strategy. This article is an excerpt from the author’s recent eBook “Selecting a Strategy for Market Leadership.”

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What B2B Companies Get Wrong About Volume Discounts

Who knew that volume discounts can be so profitable? 7-Eleven’s Big Gulp strategy increased its fountain drinks by close to 100% and now Big Gulps represent close to 10% of income at some locations. One of the most misused tactics in pricing is volume discounting. In this article, the author provides tips on how to improve your volume discounting strategy.

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