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3 Short-Term Pricing Wins and Where Teams Get it Wrong

At the start of each year, most commercial teams are looking to get a running start on strategic initiatives with price and profit improvement. However, before pursuing quick wins, you should ask your commercial teams these key questions: how effective will this strategy be in the long-term when economic cycles shift, are sales teams well-equipped to communicate these changes in a way that is fair to customers, and what would the impact of these changes be on long-term customer satisfaction?

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Pricing Missives

In the currently unpredictable, post-COVID, inflation-plagued economy, companies are being tested on their pricing strategies and their pricing decision-making “spine.” In this article, the author analyzes recent pricing decisions by six organizations in diverse industries and outlines the potential strengths and weaknesses of each pricing approach.

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How Retailers Use Personalized Prices to Test What You’re Willing to Pay

Have you ever experienced varying price ranges when shopping on your mobile phone versus your laptop? Are you experiencing price differentiation based on your customer profile? In this article, the author examines how some online retailers are employing these tactics to maximize willingness to pay, offers examples of current tactics, and address questions related to the ethics of these practices.

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