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What Skills and Training Do Pricing Professionals Need?

Pricing can mean various things in various industries and companies. Similarly, the tasks that different pricing professionals require at different stages in their career vary considerably as well. However, there are certain commonalities in the type of skills that pricing professionals use at different levels of maturity, as the author explains.

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Advising the Certified Pricing Professional Program for CPP 4.0

2020 will mark the release of the fourth generation Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) program, the only globally recognized pricing designation. In this article, the Academic Advisor to the CPP designation explains what is new about “CPP 4.0” and explores what CPP designates, what challenges it qualifies pricers to address, and the development process and academic integrity involved in the creation of the curriculum, materials and testing models.

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Do You Know Who Is Training Your Sales Team?

When sales teams aren’t up-to-date on the value of your products, value-based selling methods, or the latest negotiation tactics, a vacuum is created that is filled with “training” messages from the folks they likely spend much of their time with: customer purchasing departments. In this article, the author explains why it is crucial for pricers to refocus sales teams with training and information that supports the value you bring to your customers.

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