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Do CPG Companies Really Have Control over Pricing?

Which price and price differences can Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies actually control, and what does the report of higher prices really mean? In this article, the author will explore how much control CPG companies actually have over their prices, which prices they should attempt to manage, and best practices for successfully executing these strategies.

6 eCommerce Pricing Experiments That You Can Run Today

Bryan Eisenberg recently published the book “Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It” (co-authored by Jeffrey Eisenberg and Roy H. Williams) outlining some of the eCommerce giant’s most successful strategies. In this article, the author explores some of Amazon’s pricing strategies outlined in the book, and provides tips for how eCommerce pricers can implement these strategies in their own pricing tests.

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It’s Time to Ban Hidden Fees

Bait-and-surcharge pricing, marketing an attractive price to gain consumer interest and adding mandatory fees at the time of purchase, is becoming the norm in many industries. In this article, the author explores this tactic and why it is unethical, but also why it is difficult for companies to abandon due to the effects it has on market competition and customer perception.

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