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Accelerating Your Return to Growth

2023 was a tough year for many industries – including tech. However, despite a rocky start to 2024, many companies still expect to return to revenue growth in 2024 according to the results of Simon-Kucher’s 2023 Global Software Study. How? By implementing the four best practices of top-performing companies, which the authors explain in this article.

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Back to Reality 2.0: Five Recession Busters to Survive the Looming Slow Down

The natural reaction in times of crisis is to increase discounts and to close deals at any cost to keep the lights on. There are things you can do without giving away the farm. Pricing can be a creative and innovative tool to accomplish remarkable success while delivering more value to your customers and prospects, as the author explains.

Resilient Pricing for an Uncertain World

Companies usually weather brief periods of market volatility by adjusting price levels or package sizes. But most B2B companies now expect the current volatility and uncertainty to persist. This creates the need for companies to use a wider range of pricing tactics and to make strategic investments in pricing tools and processes. Resilient pricing enables companies to explore growth opportunities instead of focusing on defense and survival—and to build a bulwark against future volatility, as the authors explain.

Pricing in a Market with Disruption

Special pricing challenges emerge in markets marked by disruption for both incumbents and the new disruptive entrant. When faced with a disruptive threat, incumbents can perceive a no-win situation. For the disruptive new entrant, there are also critical problems to solve. The goal of this whitepaper is to help firms navigate the pricing challenges associated with both the incumbent and disruptor positions in markets undergoing disruptive innovation.

Growth during volatility: The competitive edge through pricing, sales, and marketing

In this article, the author discusses how Business-to-Consumer (B2C) companies can apply tactics in pricing, sales, and marketing to edge out competitors and find success during times of volatility. Consumer business executives must continue to invest in sales and marketing budgets and apply them strategically. Similarly, leaders must know how to respond quickly to address and capitalize on changing consumer spending behaviors, as the author explains.

Pricing and Commercial Agility in Volatile Markets

With market volatility continuing for the foreseeable future, leaders need to play both offense and defense at the same time. Make sure you are approaching each offering in a distinct way and not using a “one size fits all” approach to your strategy. Your profitability depends on it, as the author explains

Protecting And Growing Profit Margins in 2023

Company profit margins are under attack. In a recent FD.NL (Het Financieele Dagblad) survey, it was found that 93% of C-Suite executives in the Netherlands expect a drop in profit margins of between 10-25%. That’s a scary number and requires businesses to take action to protect their profit margins. In this article, the authors explain how businesses can still protect and grow profit margins even amidst these challenging economic conditions. This example from consumer goods in the Netherlands has lessons that apply cross industries and geographies.

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