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Is Product-As-A-Service the Secret Sauce to Increased Profitability?

In the same way that we see ”Software-as-a-Service” in IT solutions, we are increasingly moving to a world in which manufacturers sell the performance of their products and systems rather than the products themselves, or a “Product-as-a-Service” approach. In this article, the author presents findings and strategies derived from a recent, in-depth market study of the Product-as-a-Service evolution.

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Is That Membership Paying Off?

There is an assumption that certain low-cost providers (think Costco, Amazon, Target, or Walmart, for example) must necessarily have the lowest prices on a given item. However, that assumption is often false. Brands count on customers being sticky and not comparison shopping for every single item. The presence of a membership fee makes that stickiness even truer, as the author explains.

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Subscription Pricing: Benefits, Metrics & Team Alignment

Subscription pricing is rapidly spreading across industries and by all accounts has passed the “tipping point” in broad market acceptance. Are you prepared to seize the opportunity, as your competitors are doing and as the market is demanding? Or will your business become a casualty of this disruptive pricing model? This article will present an overview of the best practices to follow when implementing subscription pricing.

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Subscription-Based Software Pricing: How to Migrate Customers from a Perpetual to a Subscription Model?

In this digital age, an increasing number of both business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies are engaging in a pricing transition from traditional outright purchase or perpetual pricing model to a subscription-based pricing model. In this article, the author lays out key steps to take when switching from perpetual software licenses to subscription pricing models. He also addresses common objections to this pricing transition and solutions to address these concerns.

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Netflix: the Smart Way to Increase Prices

Netflix prices are going up. This week, the streaming service raised the prices of all three of its US plans, constituting a jump of between 13 and 18 percent – the biggest price hike since Netflix launched in 2007. Mark Billige, pricing specialist and Managing Partner at Simon-Kucher & Partners, explains how Netflix’s smart approach is key to gaining customer acceptance.

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Is Subscription Pricing Right for B2B Business?

The growth of the subscription economy has become incredibly evident in B2C markets. However, the move to subscription based pricing models is also beginning to grow rapidly in B2C industries. When done right, subscription pricing drives recurring monthly revenue and increases customer intimacy. In this article, the author explores factors to consider before moving to a subscription model and best practices for implementing this change successfully.

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