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Global Streaming Trends 2022: Subscription Fatigue on the Rise

In this article, the authors reveal and analyze the results of the SKP 2022 Streaming Study. Overall trends show that, even though most users are streaming more than pre-pandemic, subscription fatigue is starting to show. In fact, more than one-third of users are likely to cancel a subscription in the next year. Experts outline why streaming services need to rethink their monetization models. This article presents insights and strategies for all pricers utilizing subscription and/or usage-based pricing models.

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Usage Based Pricing in Subscription Business

To remain competitive in fast-paced environments, companies have opted for various improvements across their product features, supply chains, and services offered. But perhaps most noteworthy are those that flip business models on their heads by moving to subscription and usage-based pricing models. This article analyzes seven types of usage-based pricing models, the benefits and challenges of each, and how these models can be harnessed to develop customer trust and loyalty over time.

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